her_mixed_tape's Journal

Аз обичам този, който иска да твори, надмогвайки себе си, и така погива...



LOVES; sarcasm, art, passion, psychology, existential philosophy, good music, bw photography, blue, criminology, history, travelling, oscar wilde's cynicism, summer storms, strawberry margarita, earrings, french movies, coffee, interior design, vienna, red nailpolish, witty people, sleeping while it's raining outside, black sea, truffles, purple, ...

DISLIKES; cigarettes, narrow-minded people, prejudices, eating fish, chemistry, not getting enough sleep

MOOVIES; Meet Joe Black, Le Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain, Before Sunset, American Beauty, La vita è bella, Eternal Sunshine of the spotless Mind, Jeux d'enfants

TV; grey's anatomy, the mentalist, how i met your mother, lie to me, gossip girl, veronica mars, the oc (season 1), friends, desperate housewives, satc